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Fanny Cheung

My name is Fanny Cheung and I am a web developer living in Paris.

I love coding and building maintanable workflows. I read about tech stuff every day. I have a good backend knowledge (especially in Node, Ruby and PHP) and some devops competences, but my skills are mainly focused on front-end development.

I enjoy and believe in team work. I think that the spirit of a good team is based on safe communication, passion, kindness and knowledge sharing. What we call “soft skills” these days are important to my work. My experience with various methodologies and development tools help me create good workspaces for coding. I always try my best to articulate the “why” of my opinions, the technical ones especially, and to make time and space for everyone in a team to grow and work together.


Since 2020, I work as a freelance, mostly in French teams. You can learn more about my activity on my profile. If you are interested, I also share my working philosophy.

When I am not coding, I volunteer, I garden and I sleep. I do a lot of manual stuff that you can find out on my Instagram account. Sometimes, I also write on my blog.