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Fanny Cheung

Hi, My name is Fanny Cheung. Welcome!
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I am a craftwoman and a creative. My works are inconsistent and heterogeneous. I really want to share them here but I don't take the time for it.

So, I wrote a little something to explain what drives me these days.

Create to breathe

I am extremely curious about everything that touches crafting. I make gizmos, mainly with paper and cardboard. I draw and I paint. Sometimes, I share them on the Internet.

Over the past several years, I am trying to reconnect with the land, the soil. My perspective on the living is shaped by my reading and my experiences with people who have knowledge on agro-ecology and foraging. I am going through trial and error to find my place in these ecosystems as I am living in a city. I can express my fascination and my taste for the biodiversity thanks to wild cuisine and herbalism.

Part of my time is dedicated to coding and to the Internet. I work as a freelance web developer. I love this job and I am very lucky this can be my source of income. Thanks to my more than ten years of experience in tech, I can be financially indepedent while managing my time as I want. This flexible planning gives me the opportunity to rest and to work on other projects, personal or with other people.

Moving together

I am driven by the desire to change the world with people as a group, and with popular education. I invest part of my time and energy in this direction.

I define myself as a libertarian, decolonial and intersectional feminist. It took me some time to understand where I stand. This is the place where everything feels right for me.

I try to take care of people around me and people I relate to. Sometimes, I get it wrong. I try my best.


I hope I will go back soon on the road to meet people and work with them on collective areas on agro-ecology or medicinal plants in France. Meanwhile, I rest. I grow some plants on my balcony. I code a little. I help in collective groups depending on my energy.

I am interested in lots of things, moving from one thing to another. I take public notes on some topics. Currently, I explore my temporality working with the 24 Chinese seasons that punctuate the agricultural life in China.