Par Fanny Cheung

You can support me anonymously on Liberapay or with a community on Patreon

Since 2021, I want to dedicate more time and resources in my art and crafts. I want to share my creations as open-source content, under Creative Commons licenses : illustrated stationary to print at home, some zines to help you host workshops or step-by-step paper folding out of salvage.

I'm lucky my job as a web developer can be my source of income. I exploit my coding skills(fr) to cover my explorations in art and crafts. For all that, I wish to bring value to my creative work, work that requires time and resources. With your support, I hope to set up a financing system that follows my values before working on another reasonnable and ethic economic model.

My wish

Contrary to a shop that would force me to a tough and constant production, I want to experiment mediums and share my creative tryouts with a community away from the social medias. I need a space to make things for the people I love and who support me.

I wish I can share my illustrations in an accessible and free way. Eventually, I would like to paint, draw, create with other people. Sharing equipment, material, spaces, thoughts can convey art and crafts in a fair and collective way and we can use it as a tool for popular education.

How to support me?

I suggest two differents ways to support me:

What are you supporting?

Your help pays my time and creative equipment. It also enables me to experiment a fair production process without being forced to put too much energy in a collective organization (as I don’t have much energy). You will participate in a system that offers freely my art and crafts to lots of people, especially those who could not afford it if I monetized all my production.

I publicly keep an account of the way I handle these crowdfundings (Patreon and Liberapay). You can read them on the following links, but they are written in French:

My fellows

You can check out the people who support me and who accept to be listed on this page.

Thank you with all my heart for your support and your encouragement <3